Выкатные корзины, бутылочницы
Бутылочница Алюминиевая с Боковым Креплением

• Available under-workbench hinged cabinets with door or mounted module covers.
• Narrow width of the module provides the maximum use of space.
• Carrying capacity 45 kg.
• Provide silent and smooth closing with Soft Closing telescopic rails are used.
• Can be mounted to the right or left panel of the module.
• Door fasteners are mounted on the module cover, the cover can be set three axis for square.
• Upper and lower basket with bottle Division produce anodized coated aluminum and profile.

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Product Code W x D x H (mm) C (mm) Box Volume CBM (m³) Weight kg.
S-2806 110 x 500 x 470 150 1 0,030 3,560